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Classic Long Umbrella

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This umbrella has full fiberglass ribs that provide maximum durability and wind-resistance.  The size and features make it a great umbrella for any activity - walking the dog to a business outing.   It is our bestseller for a reason!


      • Steel shaft that adds strength to the umbrella.
      • Full fiberglass ribs designed to flex in the wind and spring back to its original shape. See video demonstration of fiberglass ribs below.
      • 190T Formosa nylon fabric, a high performance fabric with additional water repellency and durability.
      • Reinforced tips on the ends of the ribs. The traditional metal tips on other umbrellas frequently come off and/or tear the fabric. These tips are designed to stay sewn on far longer and almost eliminate the tearing on the fabric.
      • Matte black hook handle that is easy to hold and can hook on a bag or arm when not in use.
        • Easy automatic opening.
          • 23" ribs, 46" arc; diameter is approximately 40" when open; length is approximately 35" from end-to-end when closed.
              • Fabric colours available:
                  • Black
                    • White
                      • Navy
                        • Grey
                          • Yellow
                            • Orange
                              • Sky Blue
                                • Red
                                  • Wine/Burgundy
                                    • Moss Green
                                      • Hunter Green