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Umbrella Care


Check out the image and video below that describes the parts of your umbrella.


Taking good care of your umbrella will ensure it has a long life.  Check out our umbrella care tips in the text below.

  • Your umbrella will be slow to dry and at a higher risk of mildew and rust if you tie it up when it's wet. Leave your umbrella open to dry thoroughly before closing it.
  • Sometimes the ribs can get caught in the fabric or on one another when the umbrella is closed up.  So, before you open your umbrella, give it a little shake to free the ribs first so that you don't risk bending or breaking the ribs.
  • Please avoid carrying your umbrella in high winds if you can, and always carry your umbrella facing into the wind.
  • If you need something to lean on, call up a friend! Don't lean on your Cheeky like a walking stick or cane, or you may risk bending the shaft or losing the umbrella ferrule on the top.
  • Store your umbrella in a cool, dark place like a closet.  Direct sunlight or heat can cause problems with your umbrella such as warping or fading.  E.g. Take care not to leave it in a hot car for a long period of time.
  • The pointed metal tips on the end of the ribs protrude the furthest from the umbrella and as a result, they are vulnerable to poking other people (or yourself!) and/or hitting or catching them on items as you pass them.  Be careful with the tips so you don't injure someone or lose them!
  • If you're prone to losing things, hang onto your Cheeky in taxis, buses and shops ... or be prepared to get wet!
  • Use your Compact umbrella only for light rains and emergency use - e.g. stash in your car or bag in case of rain.  Since Compact umbrellas have ribs that fold in multiple places, it makes them more prone to breakage, and so they are best for occasional use.  If you need higher durability for regular/everyday use, use your Long or Golf umbrella.
  • Don't use umbrellas in extreme winds!  No matter how high quality we make them, umbrellas are not indestructible. 


Many people have difficulty closing up their umbrella correctly.  View the photos and videos below for instructions on how to fold your umbrella easily and neatly.

Your umbrella should look neat and sleek when it is folded up.

It should not look baggy and bunchy like this!


Step 1

Pull the pleats out and away from the shaft.

Step 2

Close your hand around the top of the umbrella near the metal pointer.

Step 3

Twist the umbrella in a clockwise direction while moving your tightly closed hand down the umbrella.

Step 4

Continue this motion until you reach the tie band.

Step 5

Wrap the tie band around the umbrella, close the snap ... and now your umbrella looks just as beautiful closed as it does open!