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Our Products

Our products are built for the Canadian outdoors.  They are built with strength and durability for our harsh climate.

We manufacture our own umbrellas so that we have complete control over the quality and workmanship, and there are 5 main things we focus on:

  1. Strong windproof ribsWe’ve used strong steel and flexbile fiberglass in places where we can reduce breakage points. E.g. Our Long umbrellas have fiberglass long ribs so they can bend and spring back to shape.
  2. Rust-resistant frames:  The steel we use on our umbrellas is powder-coated so that is resists rusting, and the fiberglass we use will not rust because it is not metal.
  3. Luxury Fabrics:  Our fabrics have a dense weave, giving them a soft, thick feel.  And they are highly water repellent, staying dry longer.
  4. Premium hardware:  Our handles caps and tips, are top quality. They don’t crack easily or come easily detached, and have a premium look and feel.
  5. Best printing in the business:  For products that are printed, we ensure our printing is vibrant and colour-accurate and the artwork is positioned and sized correctly.